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What Do You Put In Your Barbeque Tool Belt?

Manliness is synonymous with a tool belt. Worker tool belts include everything from hammers and screws to drills and anything else required to accomplish a job at any construction site. They are worn by police officers. They are the uniform of the mason. An apron or belt is not uncommon for our grillers at BBQ Island to house their equipment as well.

It’s time to get down to business. Stock your grilling apron with these five essential items.

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1. Bear Paws

Using a fork to pull pork is a no-no. These babies will have you tearing into flesh as Wolverine does during an encounter. The animalistic claws make shredding simple, and cleaning is a snap when compared to hand-pulling..

2. Tongs

Any recipe that calls for flipping the meat, such as the fiery Szechwan chicken or the herb-crumbled pork ribs will necessitate using tongs. For the sake of everyone’s safety, please refrain from using your fingers. Choose tongs that are long-lasting, simple to use, and comfortable to hold. Make use of internet review and rating websites if you’re undecided about which brand to choose.

3. Dedicated BBQ Oven Mitt

There’s no love for BBQ if you don’t have a glove. When you’re getting saucy, be sure to use heat-resistant gloves to keep your hands safe. But don’t scrimp on the protection — now is NOT the time to raid your mom’s crocheted potholder collection or steal your wife’s Williams-Sonoma mitts. From calfskin to silicone and cotton, grill gloves come in a wide range of hues and materials. Make sure to check out internet reviews and comparisons of each product category before making a purchase.

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4. Spatula/Slotted Turner

Do you need one over the other? What you’re grilling will have an impact. Any kind of meat may be passed beneath the blade of a spatula. It is possible to “drain” your meat of excess fat by using a slotted turner. If you’re cooking delicate things like fish, this is a terrific option. Choose a turner with broad, big slots to promote drainage.

5. Specialty equipment

Take a look at what you’ve been working on. Basics like a grill fork and a thermometer may be found in almost any meat-based dish. If you cook on a griddle, you should get a griddle scraping set to make your life easier. Invest in a pizza oven set that includes a pie hook, such as the Fornetto set. If you’re cooking over charcoal, you may require a starter to get your grill lit up.

Make your own griller’s tool belt from heavy-duty fabric and leather, or buy a premade griller’s tool belt. Ideally, your BBQ tool belt should be stocked with all the tools and accessories you’ll need to get from raw meat or veg to nicely charred barbeque. Think outside the belt. Add squeeze bottles, prepared hot sauce, dry rub spice containers — whatever gets your mouth watering and your creative energies running.