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Ultimate Review of GrillBlazer GrillGun

GrillBlazer GrillGun is my go-to method for starting a fire.

Exactly what is so alluring about fire? It has such a captivating quality that it entices you to sit and stare at it for hours on end. The power of fire cannot be overstated. Pyrotechnics are employed in large-scale events and concerts for a good cause. Always a crowd-pleaser, it adds to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Your outdoor BBQs are already an excellent experience because to the tasty food you cook on your barbecues. However, just imagine it:

Guests in your lawn, enjoying the delectable treats you’ve just provided (clearly keeping the number minimal for the purpose of COVID). As the sun begins to fall, your visitors gather around the firepit in anticipation of you starting a fire.

The GrillGun is waiting for you in the garage, so you go inside to get it. In the midst of firing up your GrillGun, you tell your visitors to keep their distance. Before anybody gets too close, you fire the rifle to its maximum capacity, igniting the wood splits and kindling in your log cabin.

As they see you perform, the audience lets forth gasps and exclamations. An ice cold beverage is handed to you in congratulations 30 seconds later by your closest buddy.

I mean, I don’t want to exaggerate it in any way whatsoever. However, I want to make sure that you are well prepared for the amazingness that is the GrillBlazer GrillGun experience.

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What is Exactly The GrillBlazer GrillGun?

is a propane-powered torch that can be carried in the palm of one’s hand. Either a 1-pound propane bottle or an 8-foot propane hose may be used to connect it to your 20- or 30-pound propane tank.

The GrillGun is a great tool for lighting charcoal and wood quickly and efficiently.

Hoes Does It Work With the GrillGun?

1. Using an 8-foot hose, connect your GrillGun to your desired fuel source, such as a portable propane can or a tank.

2. Turn on the gasoline valve if you’re using a tank.

3. Rotate the GrillGun’s fuel valve counterclockwise to turn it on slightly.

4. The gas flow is ignited when the trigger is pulled and released. The fire bell will emit a little blue flame as a consequence.

5. The gas valve on the GrillGun may now be adjusted to increase or decrease the size of the flame.

6. This may be done by pressing down on the handle’s trigger.

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Variety of Uses For For the GrillGun

Grilling over charcoal

In order to fire my kamado or Solo Stove grills (which both utilize charcoal as their primary fuel), I often turn to the GrillGun. I’ve never seen a quicker method to light my charcoal barbecue and have it ready to cook than this.

Grilling on a wood fire

My Lone Star Grillz 24×48 offset smoker is one of the wood burners I use the GrillGun to fire.

Pizza Oven for the Patio

Our Alfa 4 Pizze outdoor pizza oven is a fantastic match for the GrillGun, which is a little too powerful for our Ooni Karu 16.

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In my Pit Barrel Cooker, I utilized the GrillGun to create Tacos al Pastor, which were really delicious. A few hours after smoking the pork, I used the GrillGun to give it that lovely char on the exterior that we all love about al Pastor.

It’s possible that the GrillBlazer’s Su-VGun would have been a better choice, but we had to work with what we had. Using the GrillBlazer Su-VGun after cooking sous vide style meat or completing crème brulee is a great option.

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Our Favorite Things About the Grill Blazer GrillGun

Make quick work of lighting the fire!

The GrillGun is the best method to create a roaring fire, whether I’m using charcoal or wood. Even after testing the Looftlighter and the BBQ Dragon, this fantastic device is still the fastest I’ve seen at starting a fire.

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A wide range of applications are available.

From lighting campfires, to charcoal grills, to giving meat a good quick sear, there are a lot of different ways this tool can be used.


In addition to being very efficient, it also looks fantastic while doing it. It’s always been met with oohs and aahs and requests to test it in front of visitors.

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Several Aspects of the GrillBlazer GrillGun That We Don’t Like

Quickly depletes its fuel supply

How much propane you use will obviously have an impact on how often you have to buy new propane tanks. But I guess it’s also a sign of how often I utilize this application. It’s a significant amount of money. In retrospect, I should have gotten an 8-foot hose and a real tank instead.

It’s difficult to keep track of

With a canister connected, the Grillblazer Grill Gun cannot be kept on its side. Once the canister is removed, you may reset the safety feature by reactivating it.

You’ll find that attaching the included stand makes putting it down a bit easier while still keeping the liquid propane bottle upright.

However, without the stand, I’m forced to do an equally embarrassing how-can-I-set-this-down dance after my great fire lighting performance.


For the avoidance of doubt, the GrillBlazer GrillGun is my favorite. Yes, I could (and do) use different methods to start my charcoal barbecue or fire pit. However, I’m practically always kicking myself for not going with the GrillGun. It’s quicker, but it’s also a lot more enjoyable.

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