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Traeger Junior Elite Review

This includes the Traeger Junior Elite. The Traeger Tailgater and Traeger Pro 575 are two alternatives to this grill that provide comparable features at different sizes.

Traeger was once considered the gold standard when it came to pellet grills. Unbelievable as it may seem today, in 2008 Traeger was one of just two firms offering pellet type smokers.

Now, nine years later, we have too many options to choose just one. When there are so many good alternatives, it’s important to check out the original’s effectiveness.

The Traeger Junior Elite, like its older sibling the Traeger Lil’Tex Elite, is a wood pellet grill that is both compact and lightweight.

Because of its durability, simplicity of ignition, and lightweight design, it works equally well as a stationary grill in the house as as a portable tailgating grill.

Analyzing the Traeger Junior Elite

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The Traeger Junior Elite is reasonably priced, coming in at the lower end of our recommended range of $800 to $1200. Though pellet grills are more affordable, we wouldn’t suggest getting one for this purpose.

The grill’s improved mobility makes it stand out from other pellet barbecues. This is an excellent grill for tailgating and for making smoked, tasty meals.

A typical pellet grill will weigh over 100 pounds, while the Junior Elite is just around 60. Its lightweight design and compact size (37 x 18 x 36 inches) make it simple to pack up and move about.

Obviously, the reduction in size comes at the expense of grilling area. Though compact, the 300 square inches of cooking space (20 inches by 15 inches) is more than enough for preparing a large quantity of meat at once. There’s no reason it can’t fit a moderately large grill, at the very least.

This grill has a built-in digital thermometer so you can monitor cooking temperatures in real time and maintain precise control. The temperature may fluctuate rapidly, particularly when it’s chilly outside.

What we like:

  • These pellet smokers have a precise thermostat so you may keep your food cooking all night. This grill has a digital thermostat built right in, so you can check the temperature whenever you want.
  • Design that makes it very simple to move and store This barbecue weighs just 60 pounds and has dimensions of 36 inches by 18 inches by 37 inches.
  • Warranty Period Is Three Years Traeger guarantees their goods for three years. The grill and all of its components are protected by the given guarantee.

What we don’t like:

  • The cooking surface of this grill is just around 3 feet from the ground, thus people over 6 feet tall will need to bend down to operate it properly.
  • Those of you who will be cooking in very cold or hot situations should be aware that temperatures might fluctuate. Due to the fact that the three-position controller does not track inside temperature, pellets function the same whether it is minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit or plus 104 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
  • Check out our comprehensive guide to the whole line of Traeger grills to see how the Junior Elite compares up against the competition.

Its light weight of 60 pounds makes it very transportable, even for a wood pellet barbecue. It has two wheels that can be locked, making it portable.

With a sturdy build and sleek aesthetic, this grill is a top pick. Not only is it robust and resilient, but it’s also quite portable. You won’t find a better value anywhere else, especially given that it comes with a sizable cooking grate.

Convenience and Ease of Use

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The Traeger Junior Elite is, for the most part, simple to use. Although construction may take some time, putting it together is straightforward. Putting it together shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half at most.

The handbook provides enough information and is straightforward to read and follow.

After assembly, it requires little skill to operate. You can get it to work by connecting it to a 110-volt power source. It can heat up its hot rod using the electricity from the wall plug. The hot rod may be heated quickly by using the grill’s built-in thermostat. This thermostat has a wide range of presets, from “Smoke” and “High” to temperatures between 180 and 375 fahrenheit.

After cranking up the heat, wood pellets are fed into the grill’s auger where a fire is started. Using the auger, the pellets will be guided to the hot rod, where they will be ignited to create smoke and flames.

One major challenge of using the Junior Elite is maintaining a steady heating temperature. The grill has a thermostat, however it’s not always reliable in keeping a consistent temperature. As the pellets are consumed, the fire cools down. In most cases, this won’t even be perceptible, but it might be a problem for those who have to be quite precise with their temperature settings.

Is It a Good Idea to Get the Traeger Junior Elite?

The Traeger Junior Elite is a wonderful option for individuals on a budget who are seeking for a wood pellet barbecue. In addition, its compact size makes it an ideal tailgating grill for those who need to cook food away from home.