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Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker Review

If you often need to feed a large group, you may want to invest in a smoker that can accommodate a large amount of food. Over $1000 is not an unreasonable price to pay for some of the bigger pellet and charcoal choices.

This is where gas smokers come into play. When cooking for a large group, a simple “set it and forget it” method to smoking works well with this kind of inexpensive smoker.

The 44-inch vertical Smoke Hollow gas smoker is the best example of this.

In our previous guide to the best gas smokers, we called the Smoke Hollow our selection for the finest big smoker with 5 racks and 6.5 cubic feet of cooking space for less than $400.

A General Overview of Smoke Hollow

Smoke Hollow has been operating since 2005, when Outdoor Leisure Products began making gas and electric smokers for the entry level market.

A line of offset and charcoal smokers has been introduced since then, with varying degrees of success.

Smoke Hollow’s 44-inch model is the center of this review. Smoke Hollow is also available in 26, 30, and 36-inch lengths. Even though the fundamental design of each model is the identical, there are some variances that we’ll go over in more detail towards the conclusion of this review.

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Designed to withstand years of rigorous usage, it is constructed of sturdy steel. Built-in temperature gauges enable for precise temperature control of its heat output.

For smoking reasons, you’ll only need to use it between 200 °F and 250 °F, which has a temperature range of 150 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the usual grids, there are also jerky and rib racks and sausage hangers included in this set, giving you plenty of options when it comes to cooking.

What we like:

  • Excellent control over the temperature: As long as you’re not cooking in a snowstorm, this machine can easily maintain highly consistent temps.
  • Extra-large dimensions and a wide range of accessories: You should be able to manage even the biggest groups with 6.5 cubic feet of total cooking space. A sausage hanger and a rib rack are great additions to the package, which would ordinarily cost extra. Around six rib racks may fit on the rack.
  • Operation That Is Extremely Time-Saving: For a smoker of this size and weight it performs well. The two burners do use a little more gas than their single-burner counterparts.

What we don’t like:

  • Some Smoke Escaped from the Doors: It’s a bummer that this smoker’s doors don’t completely seal. A little amount of smoke may now escape via the gap. The smoker’s overall efficacy is unaffected by this. It’s still doing a great job.
  • The Itchy Trigger on the Temperature Gauge: You have to be cautious while setting the temperature on this smoker. Even a fraction of a degree on the thermometer may result in a 50-degree increase in temperature.
  • Concerns About the Product’s Longevity: This smoker is prone to tiny components coming off and shattering, despite its structural strength. An otherwise excellent smoker is blighted by this.

The Smoke Hollow is one of the best propane smokers you can get for the money. It’s efficient, well-built, and thorough, and it’ll almost certainly produce meat with a smokey taste.

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Quality of Construction and Design

The Smoke Hollow is an excellent choice for a smoker of this size at this pricing range.

Designed to endure wear and tear as well as harsh weather, it’s made of heavy-duty metal and can survive even the worst conditions. It has an ergonomic handle on its door, so you may open it at your convenience.

Thermostat and thermometer are integrated inside the device, allowing it to track the temperature as it changes. Compared to other smokes in its price range, this one is really accurate. No matter how hot or cold the weather gets, this thermostat keeps your home at the perfect temperature.

It has two vents, one at the top and one at the bottom of the device. Using these vents, the temperature may be controlled to a very fine degree.

A push-button ignition device is used to start this smoker. As a result, it can carry out instructions given to it. To start, you don’t need to crank it up or waste any time. You may run it as long as you have a supply of propane.

Smoke hollow ignition

You may run it as long as you have a supply of propane.When opposed to other types of smokers, the vertical design allows you easy access to all of your food. The bottom door allows you to get to the burners. The smoker may be connected to a propane tank with ease. The gas receiver just has to be tightened a little bit once it’s been installed.

The door of this smoker has a tendency to not completely seal, which is the one serious flaw in its design. Smoke may be emitted as a result of this. Even the Weber Smokey Mountain leaks out of the door without any modifications, which isn’t uncommon for a smoker at this price range. In the grand scheme of things, it has little impact.

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Overall, this smoker is a great value for the money.


In terms of ease of use, gas smokers are among the most popular and accessible options. Smoke Vault follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in this regard. It’s created and set up in such a manner that it takes care of the bulk of the job for you. There isn’t much more you can ask for in a smoker at this pricing point.

A temperature gauge and thermostat are already integrated in, so no additional hardware is required. For the most part, they are highly precise, falling within a few degrees of the temperature you specify. Smoker temperature constancy is unaffected by even the coldest conditions. This permits you to take a break and engage in other things. If you don’t feel well, you don’t have to stay around all the time.

A reliable wireless meat thermometer is still a must-have for keeping tabs on the temperature of your food.

Take a look at the full video or just the first five minutes and you’ll get a sense of how simple it is to use this smoker.

Is the Smoke Hollow Gas Smoker worth the money?

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If you’re wanting to smoke a large quantity of meat on a tight budget, the Smoke Hollow Propane Gas Smoker is a great option. However, the low price point and excellent performance make this a great value.

All of the information we’ve provided regarding this smoker applies to both the bigger and smaller variants. To conserve gas, choose a smaller model if you don’t plan on cooking for a large number of people.

The Smoke Vault is an efficient and easy-to-use meat locker. This is a wonderful starter smoker if you’re interested in learning how to smoke meat. Learning about the nuances of smoke will also provide some delicious meals, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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