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Review of the Original PK Grill & Smoker

The Original PK Grill & Smoker is a tiny yet powerful grill that produces great grilled and smoking results. It’s also portable and simple to use.

Nothing like a backyard BBQ, whether you choose to grill or smoke your cuisine. One popular gadget claims to do both jobs well—and it’s portable to boot. I took the Original PK Grill & Smoker through its paces to see how it handled meats and other foods. I evaluated not just its adaptability, but also its setup procedure and heat retention.

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Key Specification:

  • Product Name: Original PK Grill & Smoker
  • Weight: 48.4 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 34.75 x 36.375 x 19.5 in.
  • Color: Silver or graphite
  • Product Dimensions (Grill Only): 14.5 x 26.3 x 19.5 in.
  • Cooking Surface Area: 310 sq. in.
  • Capsule Volume: 4,080 cu. in.
  • Working Height: 27.25 in.
  • Shelf Surface Area: 544.5 sq. in.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • What’s Included: Carriage, capsule

What We Enjoy

  • Setup is simple.
  • Dual-use
  • Outstanding heat retention and control
  • Tailgating transportable
  • Integrated side table

What We Dislike

  • The lid is not properly fastened.

Setup is straightforward.

This grill’s construction takes less than 10 minutes. I just had to assemble the cart (read: screw a few parts together), mount the grill’s base on the carriage, and install the steel fuel grate and nickel-steel cooking grid. The handle was then linked to the capsule’s lid, and the grill lid was placed on top. There were no surprises or difficulties.

Retro awesome design

With a capsule form inspired by 1950s grills, this grill features a stunning vintage appearance. It’s composed of.25-inch thick (but lightweight) cast aluminum, which is not only rust-proof and sturdy, but also reputed to transmit heat four times more effectively than steel grills. The 4.5 x 26.3 x 19.5-inch grill capsule has 310 square inches of cooking surface, which is more than enough for my big family of seven.

The lid is attached to the grill’s base by a hinge on the left side, allowing users to open and shut it using the heat-resistant handle. This is much more convenient than having to locate a place to lay a hot lid. It firmly seals, providing temperature regulation between 180 and 750 degrees.

This grill has 310 square inches of cooking area, which is more than enough for my big family of seven.

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The hinge on the lid is not firmly fastened, which means that if you are not cautious, you may unintentionally separate the lid from the base and wind yourself uncomfortably holding a hot, heavy lid by one end. This occurred twice to my kid and nearly happened to myself, which was a little unsettling for a few seconds while we put it back in place.

The fuel grate flips up, making it simple to regulate the charcoal. The four-point venting mechanism (two on top and two on the bottom of the capsule) makes it simple to switch between settings and control the heat before and after burning the coals. Because of this, as well as the design of the grill, you may grill with either direct (high-temperature and rapid) or indirect heat (low and slow). I wish this grill had an integrated thermometer; my family had to use our own to check the temperature. It’s worth mentioning, however, that a Tel-True thermometer, as well as a cover and a charcoal basket, are among the optional extras for this grill.

Smokin’ hot performance

This grill just blew me away. It’s so simple to operate and produces such consistently fantastic results that it’s effectively become my second kitchen throughout the summer.

Because of the great heat conductivity, the coals were ready for grilling in half the time I anticipated. Adjusting the air vents to introduce more or less air is a simple, obvious process: more air ventilation creates more heat for hot and quick cooking, while less air provides a lower temperature for low and slow cooking.

This grill produces such consistently wonderful results that it has effectively become my second kitchen over the summer.

I discovered that smoking meats was most efficient when I placed food to the side of the coals and opened one vent on top and the opposite one on the bottom (while leaving the other two closed). I used an oven thermometer to keep track of the temperature and discovered that it maintained a steady temperature.

I like the oval design of the grill since it makes it simpler to cook different sorts of food at the same time than standard circular charcoal grills. My family and I cooked to perfection burgers, hot dogs, vegetable skewers, fish, and other foods. We roasted corn, potatoes, and asparagus, and I cooked a chicken in the smoker, and everything turned out great.

BBQ on the go: portability and storage

One of the finest aspects of the PK Grill is its mobility. The capsule effortlessly detaches from the cart, making it perfect for a camping trip or tailgate party. With two rubber wheels on one side, the cart is small and durable. It is almost straightforward to move about, both on and off its stand. We were able to easily roll it in and out of our storage shed, and it took up little room.

The stand includes two built-in storage features: a tiny metal side table that can contain some grilling equipment and a plate or bowl of ready-to-grill food, and a wide aluminum shelf underneath the grill capsule. Grilling became much more convenient as a result of these surfaces, albeit I did wish the side table was a little bigger. While I was able to put tongs, a spatula, and a plate of burgers on it, the things were quite packed and awkwardly positioned.

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Cleaning is simple.

The grill and fuel grates easily remove from the grill capsule and are easy to clean. I have a barbecue brush, but I cleaned the racks in my sink using a regular sponge and dish soap. The elongated oval form fits into my big kitchen sink and is easier to clean than other cookie sheets.

Price: Well worth it

The Original PK Grill & Smoker costs roughly $370, which is in the middle of the price range. Most charcoal grills cost between $100 and $500 or more. This model’s price, in my opinion, is justified by its flexibility as a grill and a smoker, not to mention its higher quality in terms of durability, heat conductivity, and retention.

If the brand’s good reputation isn’t enough to persuade you, the capsule comes with a 10-year guarantee against burn-out, corrosion, or damage.

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Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-Inch Charcoal Grill vs. Original PK Grill & Smoker

Both of these grills are wonderful and simple to use for cooking delicious meals. The Weber grill has the typical charcoal grill dome shape and is substantially less expensive than the PK Grill—$165 against roughly $370.

The PK Grill, on the other hand, doubles as a smoker, has larger cooking area, and provides more constant temperature control. It is also simpler to transport since its wheels are bigger and more maneuverable. I like the PK Grills product for these reasons.

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