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10 Ideas To Design Your BBQ Area For Functional and Stylish Space

These barbeque area ideas can assist you to design the outdoor BBQ place of your dreams. Whether your backyard is big, with the potential of adding an entire outdoor cooking area, or little, with the barbeque sitting right next to your outdoor furniture, we have ideas to make it all work effortlessly and attractively.

The greatest bbqs make alfresco cooking a delight – if you use yours regularly, it makes sense to build an outside barbecue area. Find the right appearance and layout for your outdoor area.

1. Put Up A Canopy To Keep The Area Cool And Shady

A wood-lined deck outfitted with a small kitchenette

If the location of your outdoor barbecue is in a very hot position, you’ll want to look at deck shading options. Cooking for five people in the sweltering heat isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, even if the sun is shining brightly.

Rather of opting for a solid deck cover, consider one with slats, as shown here in Maite Granda’s stunning outdoor cooking area. But you’ll have less of an opportunity to bask in the rays of the sun.

2. Make Use of Your Outdoor Furniture in Ingenious Ways

Wooden dividers offer a peek into a patio with wooden furniture, wooden decking, black grill and green storage unit.

If you simply have a balcony or a tiny deck, you’ll need furniture that can be moved out of the way as required if your barbecue area is also the totality of your outdoor space. Investigate collapsible outdoor dining sets, such as the IKEA Applaro.

3. Plan For A Breakfast Bar In A L-Shape Area

outdoor kitchen simple design with grillThink an L-shape patio is a bad thing? As it turns out, this is a boon to anybody looking for new barbecue area concepts. Creating a comfortable cooking station in a corner is a great way to get started on a breakfast bar design.

4. A Small Backyard, Take That! Consider Your Layout Wisely

The limited width of these backyards necessitates consideration of bbq area options. If you want to have a backyard barbecue, you may certainly do so, but you won’t be able to use the typical plan in which the barbie and the patio furniture set are clustered near together.

As an alternative, place your outdoor chairs lengthwise and flat with your garden wall or outside. Consider rectangular tables instead of round ones for this space. Cross Construction came up with an ingenious plan for a barbecue area.

5. Slim-Frame Furniture Is Best For Tighter Space

A terrace with a VIHOLMEN table surrounded by four LÄCKÖ chairs. An outdoor kitchen with charcoal barbecue is by the wall.

IKEA’s Viholmen is a great example of a thin, slender-frame design for a barbeque area if you don’t want foldable furniture. Powder-coated steel makes it sturdy, and we prefer the dark gray color since it goes well with our barbeque.

6. Give Yourself More Prep Room With A Folding Table

Backyard with barbeque grill and dining table.Whether it’s due to a lack of available space or a tight budget, not everyone can afford to build an outdoor kitchen. As a result, if your grill doesn’t have any prep or storage room, you may struggle to locate a place to store your cooking equipment and gloves.

Portable, foldable patio tables come in handy here. For about $50, an outdoor folding table from will do the trick.

7. Designate Different Areas Accordingly Through The Use Of Geometric Zoning

Fifth Season Landscapes

It is possible to create the sense of several areas if your barbecue area is also your pool area and your dining area by choosing different pavement materials instead of just one.

Using paving slabs immediately next to the pool deck as an example, Fifth Season Landscapes shows how easy it is to combine pool deck and outdoor dining concepts in one location.

8. Turn Your Outdoor Bbq Into An Outdoor Fireplace Now!

A Lovely Stone Fireplace Built into an Outdoor Cooking Space

Having an outdoor fireplace may make a huge difference in how long you can enjoy your BBQ outdoors in the cold weather.

If you’re having a fireplace constructed from the ground up, you’ll save a lot of room by including a built-in barbecue in the design. It was designed by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design and has a stone fireplace.

9. Would You Like A Small Area For A Burger Pit?

The smaller the barbecue, the better.

Your outdoor barbecue ideas should be realistic regarding the amount of area you have available. If you just have a tiny patio or deck, a large gas barbecue is out of the question.

Small charcoal bbqs, or even portable bbqs, are ideal for keeping the area tidy and simple to move about.

10. Set Up A Special Space For Building A Patio Grill

You may easily establish an outside barbecue area by using your patio, if you are fortunate enough to have one. Now all that’s left is to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Consider looking at patio ideas if you don’t currently have one.

Even if you hire a contractor, you might lay your own patio. The black patio slabs contrast well with the rest of the backyard in this barbecue area designed by VisionScapes.

The Best Place For A Barbeque?

Outdoor specialists from Artisan Exterior say that safety is the most important consideration when planning a backyard barbecue. In other words, don’t set it directly close to your back door, and keep it away from any possibly combustible waste like trash bins and mulch. Low-lying trees and hedges are the same.’

As far as placement, it’s all on what you’re going to put next to your grill. It’s best to keep your barbecue at least a few feet away from your house, or at least facing away from windows, so that smoke doesn’t drift into your bedroom or into your neighbor’s property.

Other than that, the size and form of your backyard will play a role.

What Are The Essentials For A BBQ Area?

Depending on how often you want to barbecue, and how good your culinary skills are, the following items should be on your shopping list:

  • A set of tongs for outdoor cooking
  • A utensil, such as a spatula
  • Gloves for grilling
  • Set of two steak knives
  • Lighters for lighting a fire
  • To place the prepared meal on, you’ll need: a plate