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Can You Clean A BBQ With Beer? Let’s Find Out How Experts Say!

When it’s time to start grilling, ensure sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned your barbecue.

Splashing a little bear over your barbecue to eliminate dirt is a traditional BBQ cleaning trick. Beer, according to some, may be used to clean dirty barbecue grates by pouring a half-bottle over them.

It’s almost too good to be true that beer can be used to clean BBQ grills, but is it? This simple trick was put to the test when we chose to consult with the professionals. There’s nothing worse than cleaning your finest BBQ for hours, whether it’s a gas grill or a portable BBQ.

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Take notes and get your barbecue out of hibernation mode this winter with minimum effort by following these simple steps. This weekend, save the headache by consulting our how-to guide on lighting a BBQ and pleasing visitors.

What’s the point of having beer on a barbecue? According to Alliance Online’s Mike Hardman, the carbonation in most lagers may aid in the dissolution of oil and grime. Even so, it is unlikely to be strong enough for a grill that is really soiled.

If you don’t fully clean your barbecue afterwards, you’ll wind up with a greasy mess on your hands.’ I thus do not advocate that you waste a drink on your barbecue.’ Catering equipment seller Alliance Online’s Marketing Manager suggests using an oven cleaner instead to ensure your BBQ is spotless after use.

In the absence of oven cleaning, Mike suggests using a paste of bicarbonate of soda and a few tablespoons of water to cover the surface.

Rinse and wipe clean the liquid for at least twenty minutes before using it again. So that it doesn’t rust, make sure to dry off your barbecue after each use. Natural cleaning techniques are something we support, therefore don’t overlook the effectiveness of bicarbonate of soda as a cleaning agent.

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On the other hand, Bar-Be-Quick suggests cleaning your grill at the conclusion of your next barbecue while it’s still heated. Any filth that has been released by the heat should be easy to wash away.

Put a hot water-soaked newspaper over your filthy grill or bowl and leave it there for half an hour,’ a Bar-Be-Quick representative recommends. This will allow you to remove the filth with a soft cloth once it has soaked in.

You can master the art of barbecuing by following these easy-to-follow instructions:

  • Take a peek at our garden ideas page for additional inspiration.
  • When it comes to prepping your BBQ for company, it’s obvious that beer isn’t the greatest beverage to use.
  • The newspaper hack and pre-heating it will help speed things along.
  • Afterwards, you may use oven cleaning or bicarb to make it shine.