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Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill Review

To help you determine whether this grill is perfect for you, we’re going to go over all of its amazing features in our camp chef Woodwind review.

Pellet grills from the Woodwind range provide both Bluetooth and internet connection, as well as smart smoke technology. In addition to being able to smoke low and slow, this grill can also be used to sear over an open flame.

This pellet grill smoker has a large pellet hopper, so it can cook for a long time without having to refill.

Specifications for Camp Chef Woodwinds

The Woodwind is available in 24′′ and 36′′ lengths. Every important element is included in both versions, which both have four meat probes.

Woodwind 24 Pellet Smoker

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Feature Measurement
Construction Powder-coated steel body, stainless steel lid
Total Cooking Space 811 sq. in.
Primary Cooking Surface 429 sq. in.
Top Rack 382 sq. in.
Assembled Height 42″
Assembled Weight 150 lbs
Temperature Range 160° – 500°
Hopper Capacity 22 lbs.
Direct Flame Capable Yes, Slide and Grill Technology
Wifi Bluetooth connectivity PID and WIFI enabled controller

The Woodwind Instrument’s Unboxing and Assembly

In order to join the pellet hopper to its main body, you’ll need a second set of hands, but other than that it’s a really straightforward process. But I like to work by hand, therefore I don’t use any power tools at all for this task.

The Camp Chef Woodwind was used for cooking.

The Woodwind makes outdoor cooking a breeze. That’s what makes pellet grills so appealing, isn’t it? The grill is genuinely “set-it-and-forget-it,” requiring very little attention from the chef.

This is even more true now that this barbecue has built-in wi-fi. I can keep an eye on my cook and control the temperature from the comfort of my own chair without ever having to leave my house (a true benefit on those cold winter or rainy days).

Smoking Slowly and Subtly

For the lowest and slowest of cooking, the Woodwind has a hopper that can accommodate 22 pounds of pellets. A beef that we cooked overnight on the Woodwind didn’t run out of pellets.

You can control the amount of smoke in your food by setting the smoke number in Camp Chef’s smart smoke technology. In order to have a more intense smoke taste, you’ll want to utilize a higher smoke level while cooking.

Adjustable smoke settings can cause your grill temperature to vary more if the smoke level is set too high. All of this is very normal. Pellet smoker temperature precision may be restored by lowering the smoke level.

Direct Grilling with Slide and Grill Technology

direct flame access

Direct-heat cooking isn’t a perfect fit for most pellet smokers. You may convert from indirect flame cooking to direct flame grilling by simply pulling a lever on the Woodwind’s slide-and-grill technology. Food may be directly exposed to the firepot’s flames when a deflector plate is moved out of its way.

Keeping Camp Chef Woodwind in order and clean

Ash Kickin Cleanout System makes it easy to clean up the Woodwind with no effort.

During the course of a cook, the burn cup fills up with ash and other residue from the hardwood pellets being used. This has been made simple by Camp Chef. To remove the ash and burnt pellets, just lift the ash cleanout knob on the grill’s side. The ash and pellets will fall into a detachable cup below the ash pot. Once the ashes have been emptied, the cup may be easily removed and replaced.

The ash cleanup is fast and simple if done routinely between each cook, so you shouldn’t have to often get out the Shop-Vac to clear up the mess.

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It’s also a good idea to wash the drip pan on a regular basis. Soapy water and a nice sponge are all you need for this task. If you haven’t used Dawn Powerwash spray yet, I highly recommend it. To get the job done, this material is an absolute godsend!)

The grill’s drip pan funnels grease into a bucket that hangs on the side of the grill during a cook. This will have to be disposed of on a regular basis. Even more convenient is the purchasing of disposable bucket liners.

Attachment for the Sidekick

Camp Chef pellet grills are one of a kind in that they can be linked to the Sidekick system by Camp Chef. You may use it as a propane barbecue, griddle, or pizza oven if you purchase an additional propane side burner (additional cost). In order to get the most out of your pellet grill, the Sidekick is the best option for you.

The Sidekick is a propane burner that may be added to Camp Chef barbecues. If all you need is a side burner for a stock pot, the Sidekick is the perfect choice. It has everything you need in one convenient package. The Sidekick may also be enhanced with the use of third-party add-ons.

Reminiscent of our days cooking on a Pit Boss KC Combo, we added the sidekick to the Woodwind. The Woodwind, on the other hand, is a pellet grill first and foremost, and it does it very effectively. Cooking on the grill or griddle enhances rather than diminishes the experience.

Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Box

With the Sidekick Sear, you can get the ideal crust on a steak with direct access to the Sidekick burner’s searing heat. It’s the ideal setting for reverse-searing a piece of beef that’s of high quality. Smoke it low and slow in the pellet grill, then transfer it to the sear box after you’ve reached your desired temperature to give it a good crust.

Griddle with a flat surface

An additional attachment allows you to cook smashburgers on an outside griddle, which is my favorite method of cooking on an outdoor griddle. The attachment gets so hot that it can easily create a crust.

Outdoor Oven Crafted by Hand

An outdoor oven attachment for roasting vegetables and making authentic Italian pizzas completes the set.

We adore the Camp Chef Woodwind because…


Capacity of a Pellet Stove

This pellet grill from Woodwind boasts the biggest hopper we’ve seen on a comparable model. A full bag of pellets fits perfectly in this hopper, which can hold up to 22 pounds of material. That’s wonderful. Adding additional pellets half-way through a lengthy simmer is unnecessary, which is one of my favorite things about this cooker. Even if I decide to switch to a different brand of pellets before finishing the bag, I may use the pellet clean-out lever to clear the hopper of all the old pellets. Get a bucket ready and put it where you need it!

Another feature I love is the “window” inside the hopper, which allows me to inspect the pellet supply without even removing the lid. (I know that’s the epitome in laziness, but I respect it nevertheless.)

Bluetooth Wireless Interconnectivity through Wifi

The Woodwind’s wi-fi connection has exceeded our expectations. My office is in the basement of my house, where I work from my home office. When I don’t have to go outside and climb the steps to check on my chef, it’s a nice change of pace. In our testing, we found it to be quite accurate in describing what occurs on the grill.

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Things that we don’t like

Push Notifications for Mobile Apps

Don’t get me wrong, Camp Chef’s app is fantastic. I’d want it to be able to accomplish one basic thing, and I don’t see why the creators didn’t include it. When I cooked a brisket overnight, I wanted to put up precise notification criteria. After a chilly night and even with the grill blanket on, I fully anticipated a fluctuation in the grill’s temperature. Rather of alerting me just when the temperature exceeded my specified “unacceptable” thresholds, the app was continually warning me of what seemed like every little temperature change. Because of the many messages from the Camp Chef app, I ended up having to turn it off and use my Thermoworks Signals to monitor my cook as I slept.

The Preparation Room

If you don’t plan on utilizing the sidekick attachment, the space between the side shelf and the hopper lid will enough for prepping your food. There are no side shelves to put items down on while using the Sidekick, leaving simply the hopper lid as your only surface. What about you? For me, that’s not always enough.

Fortunately, a front shelf may be purchased for an additional $79 to $99 if desired (depending on the size of grill). You’ll need a front shelf if you decide to go the additional mile and get the sidekick. Otherwise, you’ll be short on prep space.

Review of Camp Chef Woodwind by Camp Chef Woodwind

When it comes to grilling in the backyard, this WiFi Woodwind pellet grill is ideal for those who want to smoke foods slowly, but also want the added flexibility that the sidekick attachment provides. This barbecue is superior to other pellet grills since it can be used for several types of outdoor cooking without taking up too much room. With a simple upgrade, you can enjoy the best of four distinct grills on one.

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