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Colorful Lisa Frank Designs Are Back In Style With The Blendjet 2 Mobile Blenders.

Even cookie dough has been given the Lisa Frank treatment; now it can be found on just about everything. The BlendJet 2 is a “…compact blender [that] works remarkably well despite its tiny design and battery-powered engine,” as our senior electronic editor explains it.

The special-edition BlendJets are available in three Lisa Frank-inspired styles. You may choose from Rainbow Fade, Rainbow Leopard, or Tie-Dye, but they’re all full of rainbows. This new BlendJet shouts “welcome back to the ’90s” as it blends your favorite frozen drink or baby food right in your hand.

blendjet 2 lisa frank portable blenders is the only place to buy the sturdy yet powerful device, which costs $64.95. For a limited time, Lisa Frank’s three designs, which debuted in January 2023 but rapidly sold out, are now available in 16-ounce sizes.

If you haven’t used the BlendJet 2, you’re missing out. It’s fantastic. Using this new technology, you may make a drink anywhere you happen to be and instantly recharge the gadget using any available USB connection. While the majority of this blender is constructed of BPA-free plastic, there are many modes of operation available at the press of one. To create a tornado-like effect, the stainless steel blades on this portable blender are offset from the center of the base. This, according to the makers, allows it to combine foods 275 times per second.

According to a press statement from BlendJet’s CEO Ryan Pamplin, “What we love about this cooperation is how both Lisa Frank and BlendJet have challenged uninteresting markets with remarkable goods”. To produce a nutritious smoothie, BlendJet is convenient and exciting, but Lisa Frank takes the excitement to a whole new level!

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