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Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill Review

It doesn’t take long to uncover photographs of porcelain Kamado grills that have been shattered. While I maintain that they are not nearly as brittle as some (most notably firms that sell metal Kamado grills) suggest, there is a draw to the thought of a metal version. Metal Kamado grills are now available in a variety of price points and quality levels. Some are subpar while others are excellent. In most metal Kamado grills, there are two layers of steel sandwiched between two layers of insulation. Cast aluminum is one inch thick on the Blaze Kamado.

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Aside from the fact that cast aluminum is a stronger and more durable material, it is also lighter. There is a significant difference in weight between this 20-inch diameter grill and any equivalent ceramic. Despite its weight, it is considerably simpler to maneuver than its competitors and will not shatter if dropped on its face. Stainless steel is used throughout the grill, including the cooking grates and components. A stainless steel vent is inserted into a cast foundation for the top cap. An unremovable top vent might allow rainwater to enter the grill if it is left open.

This grill’s construction is of exceptional quality., the manufacturer, lists the retail price at $2,249 but offers it perpetually discounted to $1799, so it’s not exactly free. This is a store brand, and the best place to get it is from the online shop that offers it, even if you can find it elsewhere.

Key Specification:

  • The grilling surface is 20 inches in diameter (317 square inches)
  • Vents and hardward made of stainless steel
  • Cooking surfaces made of stainless steel and thick cast aluminum bodies
  • Easy-to-lift lid with a spring-loaded mechanism.

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  • A large amount of capability
  • The shell is made of cast aluminum.
  • Effortlessly Effective


  • An Unreasonably High Price Tag
  • Water May Leak from the Top Vent.

This is a great Kamado grill for the price because of its enormous capacity, good durability, and high quality components.

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