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5 Best BBQ Tools – Develop Your Skills As A Grill Master

Grilling equipment: What’s the finest of the best in this category? ZDNet’s top selection is the Weber iGrill 2. Many of these items were chosen and evaluated with the backyard BBQ enthusiast and novice in mind. When I’m grilling or baking in the great outdoors, I like to use these tools.

Unless you have a BBQ hut where you can grill year-round, it’s time to start thinking about how you can take your meal to the next level as summer comes and we clean up our grills.

As a novice, my first attempts at this method of cooking resulted in chicken that was black-burned raw, dry ribs, and a wasteful fish that stuck to the grate like glue. After taking a BBQ cooking class (I was a complete mess), as well as using a few helpful gadgets, I’ve made great strides in my culinary abilities.

There may be nothing to look forward to in the current condition of the globe, but at the at least, we may enjoy a few backyard barbecues with friends and loved ones.

Check out our top product selections for 2023 if you’re looking to update your kitchen or invest in a few new gadgets.

Best Overall: Weber iGrill 2

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  • Connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Alerts sent in real time
  • Sensors and probes for a maximum of four
  • Around $120 is needed to purchase this item.

It’s a wonderful product for both novices and experts alike, and the Weber iGrill 2 is no exception. Any barbeque may be used with the Weber iGrill mobile app and a device that has slots for four meat probes (two of which are supplied). The temperature of the surrounding air may also be measured using probes.

Setting up culinary presets in the app (on iOS or Android) is a breeze. I was able to connect to the app over Bluetooth in less than a minute on my first attempt. Individual timers and temperature sensors may be set and checked from your mobile device, and I find the temperature readings coming up on the notification screen (Android) extremely helpful.

The cables that link Weber’s core and ambient probes to the iGrill 2 hub may cause some worry for grills with lids, but as long as you are cautious with their positioning, you may use them with closed tops.


  • Temperature monitoring that is both accurate and timely
  • Affordability and simplicity


  • It’s a hefty price to pay for newbies to get.

Best BBQ Tool for Remotely Monitoring Core Temperatures: Meater Plus

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  • A range of 165 feet of wireless communication through Bluetooth.
  • About $99 price tag.
  • The Meater Plus is an outstanding standalone thermometer with a long connecting range of up to 10 ft for wifi and up to 165 ft for Bluetooth.

You may check the inside temperature of the meal you’re cooking by connecting your cell phone to the probe. ‘ The app offers easy-to-follow instructions and the probe’s charging station employs three simple LED lights to indicate whether or not it is linked to the probe, detached, or requires recharging. It’s also possible to check battery levels by pressing the button.

It’s more substantial than you would assume, and therefore although good for bigger products — such as entire birds or joints — it will create holes in sausages, burgers, and smaller dishes. However, as an additional benefit, the probe also has a secondary sensor to monitor the ambient temperature.


  • The charging case has a stylish appearance.


  • Costly even for a simple probe.
  • Larger chunks of meat are better suited to this chopping board.

Best Barbecue Gadget for Cooking on Traveling: BBQ Tool Box

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  • Steel and a tough design
  • Ventilation system that folds
  • Costs around $100
  • Suck For those who need a smaller grill to accompany their bigger kettle, barrel or smoker or for those who need something to carry with them for safe cooking while camping, the BBQ Tool Box is a great solution.

As you would expect, the BBQ Tool Box has the appearance of a traditional toolbox. Inside, you’ll find a stainless steel grill, a warming grill shelf, and a deep tray for storing small items like lighters and tongs.

Keeping an eye on the temperature was easy with the bottom vent, which can be accessed by removing the tray. Direct cooking isn’t my favorite method, but the sausages and burgers I made for testing were delicious.

If there’s one criticism, it’s that the BBQ Tool Box might look nicer in black or silver instead.


  • Portable
  • The prices are reasonable.
  • The legs are built in for support and safety.


  • Indirect cooking is out of the question.
  • Cooking space is at a premium.

Best Cleaning Tool for BBQ: Grillbot

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  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Brushes made of nylon, steel, or brass
  • It’ll set you back around $129
  • In the realm of barbeque, the Grillbot is a very unique addition.

Having a BBQ and realizing you neglected to clean the grill after a previous cooking session is really frustrating. A charcoal model, particularly, may lead to a buildup of filth, mildew, and ash that has to be dealt with if drip trays are not used.

In spite of its lack of deep cleaning capabilities, the Grillbot can help you maintain your grilling surface in top condition.


  • Stop cleaning up after the BBQ before and after it’s over.
  • An easy one-button start-up


  • Expensive
  • There must be a lid on your BBQ
  • There have been complaints from several customers about product durability.

The BBQ Tool For Measuring The Ambient Temperature: Weber Ambient Temperature Probe

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  • Steel Bluetooth and mobile phone connection (via a hub)
  • Approximately $18
  • Weber’s ambient temperature probe, which I got in order to finally get a beer-can chicken perfect, is a really handy bolt-on.
  • I’d have a hard time keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. Without the ambient probe, I’d have to remove the skin of a chicken before it reached a safe internal temperature, but it has allowed me to monitor the temperature and adjust the vents as necessary.

Once the probe is linked to your Weber hub, you can monitor temperature swings and determine whether or not you need to tamper with your vents or refuel using the mobile app.

If you’re cautious, you can close the lid of your barbeque on the wire that comes with the probe.


  • Temperature measurements that are accurate
  • Affordability


  • In order to utilize it, you must have an iGrill or Connect from Weber.

Process That We Selected These Grilling Tools and Accessories.

These goods were carefully selected and evaluated by ZDNet with the novice or casual barbeque enthusiast in mind.

Using a barbeque as a cooking technique, whether charcoal or gas, is an art form in and of itself. Direct cooking and quick-and-dirty BBQ sessions in the summer are amazing, maybe even more so now that many of us are no longer under stay-at-home orders.

You may learn how to cook the ideal rack of ribs, entire chicken, or veggie medley with the aid of smart and handy equipment. These goods can help you with anything from temperature control to increasing the hygiene of your BBQ.

Why is it important to know the temperature of the surrounding air?

The temperature of the air around your meal is known as the ambient temperature. Ambient temperature readings are unreliable if the barbeque lid is open. In order to make sure your heat source is still active and where you need it when grilling or smoking, keep the lid closed while monitoring the temperature.

It’s also a good way to determine where to store food, since heat rises and falls with distance from the source, therefore food will take longer to achieve a safe internal temperature when stored further away.

What are the many styles of grilling that use a BBQ?

Some of the more popular and entertaining culinary methods to experiment with include:


In order to expedite the cooking process, food is placed directly on a heat source. Using a high-powered blowtorch to quickly cook meats like steak, hamburgers, and fish may result in food that’s burned on the surface and uncooked in the inside, so be careful not to overdo it.


It’s also known as “low and slow” cooking, in which big things like meat and vegetables are cooked under indirect heat while the lid is closed and temperature is controlled by vents or water trays. You could, for example, place an equal layer of coals on the left and food on the right. If you want to add some wood for smoking, this is a fantastic way to utilize.


Woody flavor characteristics may be imparted to a wide range of foods by smoking them at low temperatures for a long period of time. A lot of the time, the meat is wrapped for the final few hours of the smoking process to retain moisture. After cooking, be sure to allow the meat to rest.

Searing in reverse

Indirect cooking, followed by a short sear at the end, for a piece of beef.

Method involving a Snake

A’snake’ of charcoal briquettes may be made by laying a half or complete circle of briquettes and lighting some at the tip to sustain low and indirect heat in a kettle or barrel. As long as you set it up properly, you won’t have to add extra charcoal throughout the cooking process and may smoke food for an extended amount of time without having a specialist smoker on hand.

What’s the difference between gas and charcoal?

Among barbeque fans, this subject has spawned many a dispute. I’ll confess that I’m a big admirer of smoking and indirect cooking methods, but when it comes to charcoal grills, I’m a firm believer.

Charcoal is frequently less expensive, but it’s more difficult to regulate temps with vents, and cleaning up afterward may be a hassle.

Although gas barbecues are more costly, they can heat up more faster and more efficiently than their electric counterparts. While a gas grill may be used to smoke, it requires more preparation than a charcoal grill does.

Are there other grilling tools to consider?

There are several barbeque models and accessories on the market, including well-known brands like Weber, Traeger, and Kamado Joe, as well as many up-and-coming firms. While we can’t cover all the cool gadgets out there, here are a few more to consider:

Looft Lighter X | Next Generation Cordless Charcoal Starter

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Kamado Joe BJ-TISSERIENA JoeTisserie Rotisserie Grill Accessory for Big Joe Grills

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grilljoy 8pc Golf-Club Style BBQ Grilling Set

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