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ASMOKE Pellet Grill Review

ASMOKE has developed portable pellet barbecues so that you may enjoy delicious barbeque anytime, anywhere. You may barbecue, bake, roast, braise, smoke, sear, broil, and char-grill your heart out so long as you have access to an electrical outlet.


Pellet grills from ASMOKE are perfect for outdoor cooking, whether you’re camping or living at home. Cooking great meals is a breeze when you use applewood pellets, which provide fruit-smoked tastes to your barbecue.

The procedure is easy in any ASMOKE grill. Put some applewood pellets in the hopper, plug the smoker into a power source (or use a portable power station), and set the temperature.

An auger mechanically empties the hopper into the firepot, as is the case with almost every wood pellet barbecue. Precise temperature control guarantees a consistent cooking environment.

A flame broiler plate with a slider stands over the firepot. When the slider is closed, indirect grilling and smoking may take place, and when it is opened, direct flame grilling can take place. Grilling on an ASMOKE is a breeze because to the cast-iron grates that have been coated with porcelain.

Weber ASMOKE Grills

ASMOKE sells both compact pellet grills and larger, more permanent pellet grills.


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The AS300 ASMOKE is a lightweight, portable pellet grill that measures in at (D)14.5″ x (W)24.4″ x (H)17.5″ (lbs).

The AS300 has a primary rack (191.4 square inches) and an optional higher rack (64.6 square inches) that together provide 256 square inches of cooking space and 4.9 inches of cooking height (from the bottom of the grate to the top of the lid).

This grill’s cooking chamber can accommodate 8 hamburgers, 12 hot dogs, or 1 spatchcocked chicken for smoking.

Approximately 4 pounds of wood pellets may fit in the hopper.

With a temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500°F, a color LED digital temperature controller, and a probe input, you may smoke food slowly or grill it over a direct flame.

The grill comes with a meat thermometer, a grease tray, and an impermeable lid.

The AS300 is stocked in four distinct hues: apple red, Tahoe blue, pine green, and cinder black.

Details about the ASMOKE AS300

  • W24.4″ x D14.5″ x H17.5″ (256 square inches) / 48 lb
  • Containing a shield and a sleuthing device
  • Five-year warranty.

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The AS350 ASMOKE is a lightweight portable pellet grill that measures 24.4″ in depth, 17.52″ in width, and 16″ in height.

Both the main rack (191.4 square inches) and the detachable top rack (64.6 square inches) contribute to the total cooking surface of 256 square inches, much like the previous model. However, this model’s lid is higher, providing an additional 6.5 inches of cooking space above the main grate.

This ASMOKE portable grill features a cooking chamber big enough to smoke a couple of racks of baby backs, a full chicken, eight hamburgers, or a dozen hot dogs.

Approximately 4 pounds of wood pellets may fit in the hopper.

With a temperature range of 180° to 500°F, a color LED digital temperature controller, and a probe input, you may leisurely cook or quickly grill your meal.

The ASCA System, which is unique to this ASMOKE pellet grill type, is a major differentiating factor. The ash cleaning tray and the liquid tray have been added to this grill. You can produce superheated steam that really prepares the food three times quicker than typical grills by filling the liquid tray with your choice liquid (anything from liquid spices to diluted sauces to wine or more). Once the vaporizer has cooled down, it will begin cleaning the grill automatically. When you’re done cooking, just dump the ash into the designated tray.

The ASMOKE portable pellet barbecue comes with a retractable grease pan, “hidden random accessories,” and a precise tracking stainless steel meat probe. You’ll need to buy a separate grill cover if you want to use this appliance.

You may get the AS350 in burgundy red, navy blue, or a bright orange.

I was wondering how the ASMOKE AS350 stacked up against the Traeger Ranger.
This comparison between two portable pellet grills is a little more of a stretch than the last one we made. Aesthetically, though, it’s rather pleasing to the eye. The AS350 has a bigger cooking area, while the Traeger Ranger has a larger hopper and is lighter overall. Though the AS350 and the Ranger both come with a temperature sensor, the Ranger’s digital controller is the key selling point (and the reason for the extra $70) for many consumers.

SMOKE AS350 Specification:

  • W24.4″ x D14.5″ x H17.5″ (256 square inches) / 48 lb
  • Comprises a protective case and a meat thermometer
  • Five-year warranty.

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Barbecue grill Traeger Ranger

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  • Weighing in at 60 kilos, its cooking surface measures at a generous 184″ square (W21″ x D20″ x H13″).
  • Included with the 8-pound hopper and digital controller are a probe, griddle, and temperature gauge.
  • A three-year guarantee is provided.

Summary Opinions

ASMOKE pellet grills are a more flavorful alternative to gas or charcoal grills drenched in lighter fluid. They enable a wide range of cooking methods, including barbecuing, baking, roasting, braising, smoking, searing, broiling, and char-grilling. Pellet grills combine the ease of use of a gas barbecue with the authentic taste of wood-smoked food.

ASMOKE portable grills are great for camping and tailgating due to its portability and ease of use.